How to get started with Repairtagger:

Create an account

Open the app on your device and create an account. All we need is your email address and shop name. Start your free trial, and you are ready to tag!

Create your first ticket!

Tap on 'scan tag' in the bottom navigation. You can scan a QR code in the camera tab, tap on the keyboard icon to type in a tag number, or tap on the tag tab to scan a number on a paper tag.

Add a customer

Start typing in a customer's phone number. If they have already been entered into Repairtagger, you will see their name in the results list. Tap on a result to add the customer to the ticket. If they have not been entered yet, tap on 'Add Customer'. Fill in their information, and tap on 'Add this customer' - the customer will be created and added to the ticket.

Add a Repair

You will see all of your categories, as buttons. Tap on the category that the repair you wish to add is in, then tap on the repair. The ticket is now ready to go! You can also add more repairs, change prices, add notes, and add pictures, check out the documentation for more details!

Complete the repairs

Once you have completed the repairs, scan the tag (see step 4) to open the ticket. Mark each repair as complete, and you will be given the notification options for that customer. Notify the customer or mark the ticket 'Ready for Pickup', and the item is ready for pickup.

Picked up

When the customer comes into your shop to retrieve their completed repair, scan the tag. You will be asked if the item is being picked up, and warned if there is a balance still due. Mark the ticket as picked up. It is archived and saved to that customer's record in repairtagger. The tag, if reusable, is now ready to use for a new ticket.


That's it. You are finished!

I need more information!

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