2.0.4 is released!

Repairtagger · July 29, 2020

💡 What's New in 2.0.4

🎊 We have added a Placeholder for the ticket balance

We have added a new placeholder that can be used in your notification templates, to show the Balance due on the ticket. It looks like this: To use the placeholder, simply tap on the button labeled "Balance Due" that shows above the keyboard. :

The placeholder will show the amount due on the ticket, or 'Paid in Full', if there is no balance due in the notification that is sent.

🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺 International Currencies 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺

Repairtagger will now use the appropriate currency for your shop! Here is how it works:

Shop Country

Your shop has a country set - this is used to determine the currency shown in the app. The default is the US. You do not need to set a default country, but if you wish to, just go to Admin->Manage Business Information. Tap in the box labeled 'Country'. It looks like this:

When you tap in the box, the country selection will open. Start typing the name of the country you wish to set, and tap on it when it appears in the list. It will look like this:

Then save the Business Information page. Prices and ticket balances will now be shown in the currency of the selected country.

🐞Improved QR Tag Scanning on iOS Devices

We have reverted the app back to the previous, better working, method of QR scanning (used prior to the 2.0 release). You should find the QR scanning experience vastly more responsive!

🛠Streamlined options when sending a notification

Due to ongoing confusion around the 'Ready for Pickup' option in the Notification options, we have gone ahead and removed it entirely! If you do not wish to notify the customer when completing the repairs on a ticket, simply tap 'Cancel', or tap outside the notification options. The ticket will be in the 'Not Notified' status, and the next time you scan the tag, the 'Picked Up' options will be shown. If you later want to notify the customer, just tap on the 'Actions' icon and select 'Send Notification'.

🎥 Coming Attractions

🎊Customer Downloads from the Native App

As part of our preparations to sunset the Webapp, we are working on ensuring that there is no loss of functionality for Repairtagger. The first step towards this will be enabling you to download your customer list from your iOS or Android device.

🐞Bug: Duplicate tickets in the 'Active' list

It has come to our attention that some iOS devices are showing tickets twice in the 'Active' tab of the ticket list. While we appreciate the enthusiasm of the Ticket list, it's not an ideal approach, so we are going to restrict it to only showing them once...

👋Sunsetting Webapp

In order to focus on continuing to improve features & performance in our iOS and Android apps, we are going to be sunsetting the webapp. This means that new features will no longer be added to the web application, and it will eventually be made unavailable. You will always be able to use the iOS or Android apps for your Repairtagger work.

😮 Cool Stuff

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