2.0.3 is released!

Repairtagger · July 2, 2020

💡 What's New in 2.0.3

🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺 International Phone Numbers 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺

Repairtagger now allows entering international phone numbers for your customers or shop! Here is how it works:

Shop Country

A shop will now have a country set, used to determine the default phone number type. The default is the US. You do not need to set a default country, but if you wish to, just go to Admin->Manage Business Information. Tap in the box labeled 'Country'. It looks like this:

When you tap in the box, the country selection will open. Start typing the name of the country you wish to set, and tap on it when it appears in the list. It will look like this:

Then save the Business Information page. All new customers created will have a default country code for phone numbers set to the shop country. If a shop country is not set, this will default to the US.

NB: Changing your shop country will NOT change the country code of phone numbers for existing customers. It will only affect the default for new customers that are created.

Customer Phone Number Country Codes

You can now add non US/CA phone numbers to a customer. This functionality is primarily intended to allow us to make Repairtagger available in more countries, so it is expected that you will not need to use this functionality very often. A new customer will have the country code set to the shop country by default (or to US, if no shop country is set). This can be changed - simply tap on the flag for the phone number you wish to enter and the country selection will open. Start typing the name of the country you wish to set, and tap on it when it appears in the list. It will look like this:

Once you have changed the country, the phone number will be correctly formatted as you type. Be aware that phone numbers are validated when a customer is saved, so if you are trying this functionality out, you will have to use a valid phone number for the country and type. For example, a valid UK Mobile number will start with 077, 078, or 079.

🎊Archived Tag Numbers

We are now storing the tag number when a ticket is archived, and showing it on the archived ticket. It will look like this:

If an archived ticket does not have an Archived Tag Number, it is because it was archived before we added the functionality to store the tag number. Any newly archived tickets should have the tag number.

🎊Improved OCR Tag Scanning

The OCR tag scanning is the new(ish) text recognition functionality that allows scanning a number on a paper tag. We have done some work to the functionality to make it more flexible, specifically allowing it to scan numbers that have other text close beneath them.

🎥 Coming Attractions

€ Shop Currency

Coming soon, Repairtagger will display and format prices in the currency of the Shop country!

🛑Cancel Intake

Ever scanned a tag, started creating a ticket, and then the customer changes their mind? Would be nice to be able to cancel creating that ticket...

👋Sunsetting Webapp

In order to focus on continuing to improve features & performance in our iOS and Android apps, we are going to be sunsetting the webapp. This means that new features will no longer be added to the web application, and it will eventually be made unavailable. You will always be able to use the iOS or Android apps for your Repairtagger work.

😮 Cool Stuff

Repairing items isn't always utilitarian! There is an entire TV show about repairing heirloom and irreplaceable items.

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