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What is RepairTagger?

Repair Tracking

software that is quick to learn, and easy to use. We aren't like the other options out there because:
  • Repairtagger was built from the ground up to be fast and easy to use on your mobile devices.
  • Repairtagger uses templates to make notifications easy. Text or email your customers when their job is done -- no more phone calls.
  • Repairtagger stores photos in the cloud -- does not take up valuable space on your device.
Available in the App store for iOS devices, and Google Play for Android devices, RepairTagger is your repair tracking system. Track your repairs, build your customer database, and get organized! With templated texts and emails, you might never have to call a customer again! Enjoy instant access to a customer’s repair history, and always know what needs to be worked on first.

Get Organized!

No more lost tags, piles of paper, or missing customer information. RepairTagger gets everything in one place.

Notify your customers

RepairTagger uses templates to let you quickly text your customers, email your customers, or both! Simple notifications - without ever making a phone call.

Take pictures of repairs

Photos are stored in the cloud, and do not take space on your device.

Customer Database

Faster intake: Once a customer has been entered into Repairtagger, you can simply find them by phone number, name, or email the next time they come in. No more writing down a phone number every time a customer is in your shop.

Re-use your tags

Never buy paper tickets again! Repairtagger can be used with resuable tags.

Search your Archives

Instant and searchable access to your ticket archives and customer records.

How Does RepairTagger Work?

Create a ticket

Scan a tag and create a new ticket. Add the customer, select repairs, and optionally add notes and images.

Repair the item

Replace a sole, swap out a battery, or maybe a clean and polish job. Check off each item as you complete it.

Notify the customer

When all of a ticket's repairs are completed and checked off, RepairTagger will ask if you would like to notify the customer. One tap to open the text or email, send it, and you are done!


When the customer arrives, scan the tag. Confirm that the item has been picked up - the ticket is automatically archived and your tag is ready to use on your next repair.


RepairTagger pricing is straightforward and fair, starting at $19.99/month for 500 Repair tickets.

Using a paper or a reusable tag, a ticket is created in the app for each item that you work on. You buy the tags once, and reuse them over and over. Do more than 1500 repairs/month? Get in touch!



Per Month

  • 500 Repair Tickets
  • Unlimited Archived repairs
  • Unlimited Customer records
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Per Month

  • 1000 Repair Tickets
  • Unlimited Archived repairs
  • Unlimited Customer records
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Per Month

  • 1500 Repair Tickets
  • Unlimited Archived repairs
  • Unlimited Customer records
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